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Do Your Own Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup


Although there are many services online that can provide you with access to detailed telephone databases to assist you with conducting reverse cell phone lookup searches, these services are rarely free. To get the information you’re after, you will normally end up paying a fee per search or a one-time fee to access databases and tools.


There is, however, an insider trick to conducting your own free reverse cell phone lookup searches. Grab your pen and paper and follow along with me using the number you need to trace as we walk through this exercise.


If you’re like most citizens of this great planet, you probably visit Google, Yahoo or some other search engine on a daily basis (if not daily, at least several times per week). These search engines roam the Internet constantly indexing new websites and web pages into their vast databases. You can harness the power of Google’s search database to conduct your own free reverse cell phone number search.


Everyday, people all over the Internet unknowingly make their unlisted phone numbers and cell phone numbers publicly available over the Internet. How do they do this? Maybe they lost a dog or they’re trying to sell a car and they take out a classified ad in their local newspaper. Most newspapers nowadays publish their entire paper, including the classified section, on their websites. If the person buying the ad put their cell phone or unlisted phone number in the ad, there is a high probability that phone number is now available to search.


In addition to newspaper classifieds, people also use their cell phone numbers when they register on websites, participate in message boards and many other online endeavors. Each time they put their number down, a search engine spider is going to find it!


How does this help you and your free reverse cell phone search? Take the phone number you’re searching for and input it into the search box on your favorite search engine. Remember to try the different variations people use for phone numbers. For example, some people write their phone number in a format like 555-555-5555 while others will put it down as 555.555.5555. There are many, and I do mean many, ways people will format their phone numbers.


Try these different variations into the search engine. Try it with and without quotation marks as this will sometimes help you get better search results. In our tests, this strategy works about 40-50 percent of the time, although it often takes quite a bit of time to consider all of the variations a person may put their phone number down in.




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