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Reverse Lookup of Phone Numbers

By Nick Destefano

Ever wonder who that mysterious phone number is that calls you? This usually raises a questions for someone when they see an area code or just an odd number they've never seen before that comes up on their caller ID at home or on their cell phone. Others may just be curious to find out more information about the person that they have a phone number for. Today on the internet it is very easy to gain information about an individual or company just by knowing their phone number.

Many websites will do give you the following information for entering a home phone number, cell phone number, or business phone number:

1. Full Name
2. Addresses
3. Age & Gender
4. Possible Relatives
5. Carriers
6. Other Related Info that is Available

As you can see, there is a lot of information that anyone can gain just by knowing a phone number. However this raises the question to many people wondering is this too much information to give away to just anyone? Some of the information may be confidential and personal to some people especially the person's age, relatives, etc. Nonetheless, there are sites out there that has all this information stored in a database and it can be accessed.


Until more people complain or raise issues about this reverse lookup feature, I don't think it will go away anytime soon. Although it would be hard for someone to do anything with the above information, it can give out too much personal characteristics about the person. To make sure that your identity is never stolen and used for other things that can damage your reputation, never give out your social security to someone you don't know.

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