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Today there are well over one billion cell numbers in the world and more than 200 million in the United States alone. Many people these days are actually choosing to go with a cell phone number instead of a home landline phone. People like cell phones because they are private and not hounded by telemarketers.

The challenge is with so many people using cell phones these days, there is great difficulty in tracing cell phone numbers to find out the owner's name when you have a number show up on your caller ID. This is because there is no formal cell phone number directory in the world today.


There are, however, a few free cell phone number directories popping up online. These are voluntary and usually require that you provide your cell phone number in order to gain access to others listed in their databases.


Another method for searching cell phone numbers free of charge is to use search engines like Google and Yahoo. These search engines constantly spider the Internet and often pickup people's cell phone numbers from guestbooks, forums, blogs, classified ads and more.


If your search still comes up short when using the search engine, try checking Facebook or MySpace or another social networking spot. People often post their cell numbers on their personal pages on sites like these.


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